Many schools also encourage students to interview alumni or admissions representatives during application. Even though an interview may not be necessary in most cases, you should still take it seriously. This article contains ways to have a successful college interview.


You must practice being interviewed. Ask one of your friends, teachers, college counselors, or parents to ask you the best questions they can think of. Answer them honestly and thoroughly, and then try to get the interviewer’s feedback. You’ll also improve after each interview as you remember which schools you prefer to visit.

Prepare Questions

Interviewers will likely ask you a couple of questions about the school. They’ll also want to know why you want to be there. To help you answer these inquiries, try creating questions that can’t be found on the institution’s website.

Stay True to Yourself

Getting admitted to the best college is all about finding the right fit. To do so, you must be yourself. This will allow the interviewer to see how you would contribute to the campus community. Before the interview, consider the various factors that will make the school appealing. These include the environment, the type of program you want to pursue, and what you plan on doing after graduating.

Be Professional

You have many sides; showcasing each will show the interviewer how mature and professional you are. You should also wear clothes that make you feel confident and comfortable. Smile and make eye contact to show the interviewer that you care.

Don’t Rush

The average length of an interview is around 30 minutes. Some students believe an interview’s quality is determined by how long it lasts. On-campus sessions are typically conducted back-to-back, while professionals usually do off-campus interviews. If you notice that your interviewer is checking the time, it’ll not be because they’re bored.

Show Gratitude

After the interview, send a thank-you note to the interviewer to let them know how helpful the session was. Also, if you could connect with them over something you’re both passionate about, let them know. If you’re still interested in the school, make a note of gratitude and express your appreciation for the time the interviewer spent with you.