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About Hossain Kamyab

Before becoming a real estate investor, Hossain Kamyab was an engineering professor at a university in the United Kingdom. He has always been passionate about education, and after completing his own master’s degree, he decided to spend time imparting his knowledge to eager college students like himself. During this time, he published several research articles related to oil storage tanks. Even though Hossain’s career in education didn’t last long, it continues to be a topic he is passionate about today, and he is always looking for opportunities to share his knowledge and experience with up-and-coming professionals.

Hossain Kamyab decided to pivot his career from teaching to project management, where he spent several more years honing skills that would serve him well in future endeavors. Interestingly, he also spent time constructing golf courses. However, not long after, he discovered an industry he has stuck with ever since: real estate investing. What started with a few properties around London quickly expanded, and as of today, Hossain has had investment properties in twelve different countries. Currently, his efforts are focused on the market in the United States, and he is living in Vienna, Virginia. With a team of trusted partners, he spends his time purchasing properties, planning renovations, and managing his investment holdings.

One of the things that appealed to Hossain Kamyab about real estate investing was the opportunity to use his interest in interior design in his professional endeavors. Most investors outsource the fine details of design for their property renovations, but that is one of the aspects Hossain is most passionate about. He has a knack for seeing the potential in a space and bringing it to light through subtle design choices like paint colors, flooring, tile styles, and light fixtures. Some of Hossain’s favorite projects have been ones where they purchased an old, run-down building and restored it to become a beautiful and functional space for many years to come. He is proud of his work and always strives to ensure high-quality results.

While Hossain Kamyab lives in the U.S. now, he still loves to travel and retains the same interests he had while living in London. For example, he is a big fan of the Manchester United football team and always keeps up with their latest games. Additionally, Hossain is a classic car enthusiast and a whiskey connoisseur. He appreciates high-quality products and good engineering, which can be seen not only in his personal interests but also throughout his professional portfolio.

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